Are you ready for your fat loss journey? Here’s how to tell

May 28, 2019

Starting your fat loss journey could be a little daunting. If you previously failed at it then it could be even more scary.

But how do you know that you are ready to start the journey?

Maybe your friends have been telling you of how your fat belly is not as flattering, or maybe you are aiming to fit into your wedding dress, or you wanna flaunt that bikini come summer.

Whatever your reason is, it requires readiness on your part to start the journey and hopefully finish successfully.

If you are new to this game or you have done this before, you still are viable and have a high chance of scoring your cards right.

How much belly fat is too much?
As women we were created to be beautiful and once you start feeling your sexy appeal is fading then it’s time to check on it.

When you start seeing your belly pooch is increasing, do not wait until it is too big to start working on it.

If you have a hanging belly that is easily pinchable, you should start finding a suitable solution to cut it.

There is no exact measure of how much belly fat is too much. This is because we all have different bodies and our capability to store fat is different.

I know for certain that you can gauge your belly fat by measuring your current waist size and comparing it with your previous waist size.

That way you will be able to find out how fast you are gaining fat and by what inches.

How can I trick my mind into losing weight?

Your mind is a great tool for inspiration during this journey.

Without constantly growing your mind and inspiring yourself, you might lack motivation to keep you going.

It is not an easy journey losing weight. You will need to trigger your mind so that everything can work for you easily.

I recommend that you:

Create a mental image of how you want your body to look like. Have a clear picture of this as it will motivate you to keep going.
Set small goals that you will work on achieving step by step. These small goals will eventually build to your final goals.

Ditch and forget old unhealthy habits that have been holding you back from achieving your desired body.

Also keep track of the steps your taking and keep a record of that you tick once you have achieved the set goal.

You can reward yourself after achieving small goals that you have set up inorder to encourage yourself to keep going.

How should I prepare for losing weight?

Create an action plan – make a detailed list of what you are supposed to do and divide them into smaller categories that you can tackle each on a daily basis.

Design your plan into a step like manner such that it will be hard to miss even a single step.

Set realistic goals – before deciding on the amount of calories you want to cut off per day, you need to make sure it is a realistic figure and it’s darn right achievable.

Next you need to commit yourself. You are your own champion and cheerleader.

You will have to get up when you do not feel like it, miss a lunch date to a fast food restaurant, be uptight on your diet during social occasions.

Sometimes is is going to feel like you are doing the wrong thing but you have to stay strong.

Be accountable to yourself. If you miss a step, correct yourself and keep moving forward.
It will be your responsibility to keep on track.

The best time to start.
Once you have made real time and actionable plan on how you are going to lose weight and set your mind into achieving this, then it is time to start.

Starting something is never easy, you will have to pull yourself together to begin, and I believe this will be a journey worth taking.

Starting your weightloss journey
This will be your first step in a journey of a thousand miles.

I do not mean to say It is a long journey, but it is a worthwhile one. By this time you will have prepared amply to take on this phase of your life.
Armed with diet plans, workout cheat sheets or any other method that suits your lifestyle, you probably will be excited to start.

Check my guide on how to remain motivated while losing weight.

Once you have ticked all this steps I am certain that you are ready to begin your weight loss journey.

You will be able to tackle any challenge that comes your way and hopefully get to your desired goal.

You just need to take everything one step at a time so as to end up systematically fulfilling your goals.

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