An essential guide for losing belly fat for already underweight women this 2019

May 26, 2019

I have heard this question a couple too many times.
“How do I lose belly fat if am already underweight?”

It might sound a little queer but this is actually an issue some women in our society face.

If you are one of those women, buckle up as this post is just meant for you.

Being a skinny fat person

For a long time, being skinny has always been the ideal size for most women in their youths to probably mid 40s (17-45).

Well who said there is something like ideal. I personally don’t think there is.

Most naturally petite women never bother working out as they got nothing to lose.

I myself have been living with this mindset until I started seeing my flat tummy convert into a pooch.

It is freaky. You even wonder why it is happening.

The next thing you know, you just can’t find ways to lose it. Just because you do not want to lose your overall body weight.

That is how I got to find out about the skinny fat syndrome.

I am not really skinny though, but neither am I thick. I just balance in between. I can say I am fit, but you can judge that for yourself.
Here is a picture I took back in 2018 December.

The uh skinny fat syndrome

Scientifically, this is called the metabolically obese normal weight.

Did you know that you could be a normal weight and still be obese?
Yes, that’s right. You might be too comfortable in your ideal weight until you just can’t notice yourself gaining weight especially in the wrong areas.

Your abdominal fat actually speaks a lot about the amount of excessive calories you have.

This is especially dangerous if your belly fat composition is majorly visceral fat.

It is unhealthy, in fact so unhealthy that you could end up having lifestyle diseases such as diabetes.

As a human being it is best to practice healthy routines no matter your weight composition.

Who said only obese people should work on being fit?
What should be the ideal belly fat scientifically?

Your belly is composed of both muscle and fat. There is an ideal amount of fat that should naturally be found in your belly.

This actually acts as an insulator to the internal organs found in your abdominal area.

Common sense is that you basically can’t just lose all the fat and have 100% muscle.

You should have realistic expectations on yourself unless you are probably working on getting and.

Your genes also influence how much fat you can cut off on your belly area, and it is important to consider this.

Ways to lose lower belly fat if underweight

I know you are probably not interested in losing your overall body fat. You may want to target your belly specifically.

Good news is that this is possible. You just have to follow either of these steps to achieve your desired results.
Here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Check your diet When you have a normal weight your diet plan could be perfectly alright. All you need to do is to just tweak it a little bit for desired results. You should increase your protein consumption and reduce foods with high fat and sugar content. Also, you should try to avoid highly carbonated drinks such as sodas as they increase the amount of fat stored in the belly. Take more nutritious foods like vegetables and whole grains that are organic. Processed foods should be a no, no especially if you want to achieve you results fast.

The best time to start.
Once you have made real time and actionable plan on how you are going to lose weight and set your mind into achieving this, then it is time to start.
Starting something is never easy, you will have to pull yourself together to begin, and I believe this will be a journey worth taking.
Starting your weightloss journey
This will be your first step in a journey of a thousand miles.
I do not mean to say It is a long journey, but it is a worthwhile one. By this time you will have prepared amply to take on this phase of your life.
Armed with diet plans, workout cheat sheets or any other method that suits your lifestyle, you probably will be excited to start.
Check my guide on how to remain motivated while losing weight.
Once you have ticked all this steps I am certain that you are ready to begin your weight loss journey. You will be able to tackle any challenge that comes your way and hopefully get to your desired goal.
You just need to take everything one step at a time so as to end up systematically fulfilling your goals.
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  1. Take enough quantities of foods that are good for your health as over eating will increase your general food intake and increase your stomach capacity.
  2. Cut your calories
    You won’t score well in this sector if you actually have no idea how to calculate your calorific content. If you do not understand the correct way to do this, you should seek proffesional assistance regarding this.
    Afterwards, employ the best workouts and diet plans.
    You can also use a BMI calculator to get knowledge on your general body massage index.
    Once this is done, you can set a weekly goal on the amount of calories you want to lose.
    For you to succeed in this and hopefully burn more fat, make sure to burn more calories than you eat so your body can burn stored fat for energy.
    Do not forget to seek proffesional help to avoid overworkout that will slow down your metabolism.
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  3. Activity is key
    One of the major reasons for the skinny fat situation is not involving yourself in active activities.
    The couch potato habit of just lazying around and feasting on loads of junk, guess where it will take you? Yes, the skinny fat situation.
    I would advice that you just start being active. Not necessarily going to the gym, but taking part in physical activities that you love.
    This could be hiking or swimming, going for walks, doing house chores, just anything that keeps you going.
    Do not just sit around and wait for your dream body to just show up. It won’t, You just have to get up and go for it.
    It will also be a benefit to your mental health and psychological health.
    You will see the benefits for yourself. Just begin today.
  4. Targeted workouts
    There are workouts that could help cut belly fat. Aerobic exercises for example are a good way of eliminating belly fat.
    Such exercises include walking, running, swimming, hiking and many more.
    You can also lift weights especially if you want fast results. Just make sure to contact a workout specialist for guidance.
    If there is none around you, you are in luck as you can contact our work out specialist right here at Slashfat.
    There are loads of information here including my belly fat workout cheat sheet that you can get for free.
    But it is not yet out, just be sure to check out for it.
  5. Properly examine your sleep Lack of enough sleep could be one of those reasons why your belly fat is growing more faster than expected.Relax, pretty one. Get enough sleep. You know the way they call it beauty sleep, yes it truly is beauty sleep.Invest in getting a good night sleep of between 7-9 hours If you are an overly busy woman, you can try squeeze your schedule and make time for yourself.Because at the end of it all, it is just you who benefits.
  6. Check your stress levels
    Stress is a real cause of belly fat due to the production of hormone cortisol that causes fat gain around the abdomen.
    Stress can also lead you to consuming lots of food. This is called stress eating and you will in turn gain calories especially if you are consuming high fat diets.
    You can relieve stress through meditation or by yoga.
    You can also engage yourself in outdoor activities that you love instead of staying back in the house and sulking.
    Also talk to a therapist or a counsellor. A close friend would do too.
    Do not just sit around and stay with your problems. Conclusion It is not difficult to lose belly fat if you are a normal weight. Infact it is easy as your belly fat is responsive. If you check on what could be a possible cause of it and work on getting a leaner belly, then I believe that flat tummy you have always wanted is not just an illusion. It is possible. Related post: Are you ready for the fat loss journey? Here is how to tell.

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