3 reasons why it is difficult to target lower belly fat and how to fasten the process

May 24, 2019

Losing belly fat is a gruesome task.

It is probably the most unpleasant process you can ever go through.

From trying out diet plans that never work to busting your ass in the gym.

It’s not easy, you and I both know that.
Having belly fat is not only an unpleasing sight that hurts your physique but is also a sign of some diseases and health problems.

That protruding belly could be a sign of type 2 diabetes,heart disease, insulin resistance or even some types of cancer.
It is best to find ways of cutting out that fat for a healthier and sexier you.

Why you have so much belly fat
I see many women ask this question on forums like Warrior Forum and on Quora.

This is a very popular question that you probably have on your mind too.

You just have to know you are not unfortunate.
You are not less sexy than the lady you see with a flat belly and nice hips or with an hour glass figure.

Whether you like petite or thick, it all just comes down to your lifestyle.

Like I shared on the post on common causes of lower belly fat, you have to check on your lifestyle.

It is probably the high alcohol content or high intake of transfat and sugars that is making your belly fat grow day by day.

You might want to have a look at these causes of belly fat before proceeding.

Unbelievable: 10 causes of stubborn lower belly fat you never knew.

Why it takes so long to lose belly fat.
It is no fiction,belly fat is stubborn.
It is the hardest to lose and you will have to make enourmous efforts to get a lean belly. Well, not really enourmous but a good amount of effort.
I believe that if you want something so bad and actually put your mind to achieving it you will get it.No matter what it takes.
But the question is, how long will it take to get a lean belly?
Let’s first find out the reasons why it takes so long.
Here are the 3 major reasons
1.Fat is released slower from fat cells around your belly
While you burn fat in your body,it is usually released from fat cells through a process called lipolysis. Around you belly area, fat is released slower from fat cells.
This is because the fat cells are alpha receptors.
Fat cells are divided into two:
• Alpha recetors
• Beta receptors
Alpha receptors are slower in releasing fats while beta receptors easily release fat.
Beta receptors interact with hormones known as catecholamines to trigger cells to release fat.
The alpha receptor fat cells found in the abdomen slow down the lipolysis process.

  1. Less blood flow in the belly area.
    Areas with stubborn fat usually experiences lower blood flow.
    Blood flow is important when it comes to burning fat. When fat is released from a cell, it is transported to another different cell through lipid oxidization.
    Less blood flow makes it difficult to transport fat to where it can be burned.
    Hence slows down the process of burning of fat.
  2. Insulin sensitivity
    Stubborn fat is insulin sensitive. This means that fat cells easily react to insulin.
    The fat cells react more strongly to insulin and end up storing more fat. Insulin also increases the activity of a major fat storing enzyme known as LSL.
    In turn, it decreases the activity of HSL enzyme which is a Maj r fat releasing enzyme.
    When you have high amounts of insulin in your belly, it makes it a hard task for you to burn fat.
    I believe the methods below can help you fasten belly fat loss in general. You will definitely see results after some time as everything takes time to show.
    Ways to fasten belly fat loss.
    a) Reduce your general body fat percentage.
    When you work on losing your weight, you will notice that your belly fat will reduce gradually with time.
    You will lose fat faster in some areas more than others and this is a guarantee to cutting belly fat though not completely.
    Whichever method you use; be it workouts, diet plans, yoga or supplements, you will definitely see some change.
    If you are not sure which method is suitable for your weight loss journey, feel free to check out my article on this :
    b) Watch your diet.
    You really can’t expect to lose excessive fat if you keep on feasting on fast foods with high calories or high sugar content foods.
    Watching your diet is a very important practice. Not only will you start losing fat, but also you will get healthier and avoid lifestyle diseases.
    But that does not mean you starve yourself. A sweet snack is not bad once in some length of time. I said this because you might be tempted to do this more frequently than advisable.
    c) Workout or exercise in a fasted state.
    This might sound very hard but it works surprisingly well. When you are in a fasting state, your body tends to have lower insulin levels resulting to burning of more fat.
    In addition to that, you will experience more blood flow and this will help in the process of lipid oxidization.
    Working out while fasting produces outstanding results but has a downside to it.
    During this state, you are probably having less energy so you will have less focus on your workout. Also, you will experience increased muscle breakdown rates.
    This can be eased by using supplements which can neutralize muscle loss and help relieve muscle soreness.
    d) Increase your fluid intake
    Water is one of the most useful fluids known to man. You have probably been advised multiple times to take water.
    For sure, water is important in your weight loss journey. It helps in cleaning your body of toxins, replenishing your muscles and of course a healthier you.
    Make sure you take enough water everyday.
    e) Check on your alcohol consumption
    Alcohol generally reduces the fat burning capacity of your body.
    High consumption of alcohol results to beer-belly. The excess calories from alcohol consumption are stored as belly fat.
    It would be best if you check on this in order to fasten your belly fat loss process.
    Well, now you are well informed and in a better position to start your weightloss journey.
    I suggest that you actually take your time and not pressure yourself in making huge steps at a time.
    The little habits we have are what eventually result to what we are.
    So if you are really serious about cutting that belly fat. Begin today.

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